Making Room for One More

By Nancy Cozine
Making Room for One More

One of my co-workers is about a month away from having her second baby. As it usually happens when there are Mommies around each other, the conversation generally turns into talking about our kids. One day she asked me for advice on preparing for a second little one. I happily gave her lots of advice – probably too much – but if she at least found some of it useful than I did my good deed for the day.

I’m sure there are lots of second – and maybe third and fourth – time mommies who wouldn’t mind some tips as well. So, here are a few suggestions when making room for one more.

Replace bottles and pacifiers you may still have. Not just because of wear and tear (it’s recommended that you replace nipples and pacifiers every 2 or 3 months), but also because big brothers and sisters may not be so happy to “share” their gear – even though they aren’t using it anymore. They can get…. well, territorial. Think about from their perspective, “first this new little thing is taking attention away from me and now she wants to use MY stuff!” With all the different patterns and colors offered in the NUK® bottles, they won’t even realize it’s the same as the bottles they used to use.

If you plan on using the crib, car seat and high chair you already have, double check that there aren’t any recalls on any of the items. A week before Delaney was due, I saw an article about portable play yards that were recalled – of course ours was on the list! We immediately followed the instructions and got a new one. To check on your gear, you can go to the manufacturer’s website to check or search for “baby product recalls”.

With two (or more) little ones, anything that will save time will become your new best friend. It never failed, just as I sat down to play with Jack, Delaney would decide it was time to eat. So I could get back to the game more quickly, I would use the NUK® Ready-to-Feed Bottle Warmer to heat up her bottle. I also hated the thought of wasting family time doing chores. And with more than one vying for my attention, I began to really wish there was more time in the day. Online shopping has really helped me out here. Not only will I shop for clothes and gifts, but I do my grocery shopping too. The best part is that I can do it when it really fits my schedule.

While it can sometimes be true that a second baby more than doubles the work, with a little preparation you can ease the transition and enjoy more time with your growing family. What are some of the ways you prepared or are preparing for your second baby? Add to my list by posting your tips of our Facebook page.