Nursery Extras That Lend a Helping Hand

By Nancy Cozine
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Nursery Extras That Lend a Helping Hand

Setting up Jack and Delaney’s nurseries was one of my favorite “getting ready for baby” activities. Picking out paint colors, choosing furniture and decorating with adorable accents let me create a unique space for each of them – although now I know that they really take over just about every room.

While the crib, changing table and comfortable chair were all essentials, there are some other really helpful items to have in your nursery right from the start that new parents might not think about. So if you’re expecting your baby soon or if you’re looking for shower gift ideas, here are my 5 Nursery Extras that Lend a Helping Hand.

1. Humidifier. When little ones get stuffy there are a limited number of remedies. All of which are all non-medicating. A humidifier can help relieve congestion in that tiny, cute nose. In addition, it can help soothe some effects of dry, winter air. Jack has had eczema since he was just a few months old and it always flares up the worst in winter when we have the heat on and the air gets dry. Running his humidifier at night seems to help reduce his dry, itchy skin.

2. Bottle warmer. If you give your baby bottles during middle of the night feedings, a bottle warmer will become your new best friend. Fumbling in the kitchen to get warm water and then waiting for the bottle to heat up doesn’t not have to be your nightly ritual. NUK®’s Ready-to-Feed Bottle Warmer is easy to use and takes as little as 90 seconds to heat up a bottle, which is key when it’s 2:30 in the morning and you have a hungry little one who is louder than a fire alarm. To make it even easier, keep your bottles in a cooler with an ice pack near the bottle warmer.

3. Spare bottle parts. The last thing you want to have to do, just as you start giving a hungry baby a bottle, is go find a new nipple or collar for a bottle. Keep a few in a basket or bag close to your comfy chair so you can just replace a slow flowing nipple or the occasional leaking collar.

4. Pacifiers. You can never have too many pacifiers. By now, you probably think this is my personal mantra. I guess in a way it is. When Jack was using pacifiers, it sometimes seemed if they grew legs and walked away or some sort of pacifier stealing gremlin lived in my house. They could go missing in just minutes. So, I kept a container full of them on a shelf on his changing table.

5. Breast maintenance. Breastfeeding can sometimes leave you a bit – shall I say – uncomfortable. To soothe chapped or irritate nipples before or after nursing, NUK®’s Gentle Moisturizing Balm offers relief. Simply glide on using the easy, no-rub applicator. You can even use it before nursing since it’s safe for baby. NUK® also has these great Breast Wipes that smell like vanilla to gently clean pre- or-post-feeding too. And, of course they are also safe for your little one, too.

These few extra nursery items that can make your job just a little easier – something I think all moms can agree on. What are your nursery must haves?