On the Go Made Easy

By Nancy Cozine
On the Go Made Easy

The first few months after I had Jack, the thought of venturing out exhausted me. What if I was out when he needed to eat? Would I completely mess up his sleeping schedule by allowing him to nap in the car? But after a few times of running errands, I realized there really wasn’t a lot to stress about as long as I was prepared. And now that he’s a toddler and we’ve had lots of practice, I think it’s actually pretty easy – even with Delaney in tow, too.

If I’m planning on being on the go, the diaper bag is always well stocked with diapers, wipes and extra clothes. I always keep an extra set of clothes and even diapers and wipes in the car so I know I’ll never be without spares (I have been thankful to have them on many occasions!). And when Jack was an infant, since he was my pacifier baby, I always had a few stashed in the car.

Whether we’re headed for a few quick errands or a full afternoon on the go, snacks are an essential. For Jack, I use the Gerber® Active Snacker™ and fill it with his favorites (right now that means crackers or toasted oat cereal.) A lip keeps everything in the cup when traveling and the soft flaps are easy for him to get his hand in while still doing some spill control. I also love that it has measurements on the side so I can control exactly how much I’m giving him.

Don’t forget snacks for yourself, too. If you’re like me and get cranky when you’re hungry (I guess you never really grow out of that) it can ruin a perfectly pleasant day out. You can even use a Gerber® Active Snacker™ for yourself, filled with pretzels, baby carrots or whatever keeps you going. If you take off the detachable handles, it fits right in your car’s cup holder.

For feeding Delaney, I need an easy bowl that I can mix cereal in or fill with some mashed baby food. I use the No Mess Saucers because their size is big enough to mix in, but not so big that I feel like I’m digging into a canyon to spoon out her food. They are also great for dividing up a larger bag of snacks so Jack can get his own. And the lids are great for covering up the dirty bowl if I’m not somewhere I can rinse it out immediately.

Drinks are also a must-have, but of course spilling is always a concern. Jack loves the Lil’ Sports Bottle because it looks like my water bottle and it makes him feel like a big boy. One of the best features, especially when compared to other sports top cups, is the design of the strap that secures the cap to the bottle. It is not only removable if you want to take it off, but you can also turn the strap so that the cap doesn’t keep falling toward the spout while drinking. I find the spout rises higher than many others and the overall shape of the top just seems more comfortable for Jack.

So moms, don’t be afraid to get out and about for errands, afternoons at the park, play dates and lots more. As long as you have a few essentials, you’ll be set and can enjoy your time with your little ones.