Straight from the Garden

By Nancy Cozine
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Straight from the Garden

Growing up, my mom, sister and I planted a garden in our side yard a few summers in a row. It was work to get started, but once the veggies started to grow it became more fun and the rewards were tasty. For some reason the tomatoes, carrots and string beans always tasted so much better from our garden.

I decided to give it a try with my own family this year, thinking maybe Jack would try more vegetables if he helped to grow them and figuring I’d save some money making baby food for Delaney from our bounty using Freshfoods™ Prep gear.

We headed to the local garden center and picked out some seeds and seedlings. Delaney was very excited when she saw the picture of carrots on the seed packet and Jack decided that he was going to grow cucumbers – one of his favorites. I also picked up tomatoes, string beans and lettuce.

Although neither one was really a huge help getting the garden started, they did have fun paying in the soil, which actually did turn it. Jack even planted some of the seeds. For the next several weeks, he was excited to remind me each day that we needed to water the “arden,” as Jack called it.

When the first few sprouts began to emerge from the soil, Jack and Delaney seemed very proud of their “arden.” We checked it every morning on our way to day care to see if they had gotten taller. After about two months, we actually had some vegetables ready to be picked.

We made dinner using our first harvest. I put some carrot into the Freshfoods™ Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker and let it create our first completely homemade batch of puree. I followed my usual recipe and Delaney was happy as usual with her dinner. We also were able to pick some string beans. Excited that his “arden” grew it, Jack actually ate some of the steamed green beans – a secret victory for me!

While our harvest doesn’t seem to be as bountiful as my grand plan, Jack did try new fresh vegetables and Delaney seems to be enjoying her fresh from the “arden” baby food. It also became a lesson in responsibility with the daily and weekly maintenance as the vegetables began to grow.