Wash. Rinse. Dry. REPEAT! A cure for the baby bottle blues.

By Grace Witte
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Wash. Rinse. Dry. REPEAT! A cure for the baby bottle blues.

When my six-year-old son Alex was an infant, I remember spending every moment during naptime frantically washing and drying bottles. It was one of my new mommy fears. No clean bottles equals baby starves! Of course. Makes perfect sense, right?

By the time my second boy came along a couple of years later, I had much less new mommy anxiety. But, I still had those bottles just piling up in the sink, taunting me. Because unfortunately, keeping up with clean bottles is one of the more essential mommy chores.

So I tried to create a system for myself. The dishwasher, or as I liked to call it at the time, “The Nipple Eater,” initially seemed like a good solution. It was OK for bottles, but I can’t tell you how many times I found burnt-up nipples at the bottom after the cycle. Not exactly organically designed for the job at hand.

Boy, if only I had these when my boys were babies!

So, when I discovered NUK recently came out with some amazing new baby bottle cleaning products – sure, I could have wallowed in self-pity, but we mommies stick together. So instead, I bundled them all up in a big, beautiful “Ba Ba” basket –and made it my gift to my baby sister for her baby shower. And believe me, it definitely got the loudest “oohs and ahhs” in the room. (I think you all know what I’m talking about).

I mean imagine…a dishwasher basket that actually has dedicated spaces for bottles, nipples and straws, with all the room you need. Bye bye Nipple Eater! And a drying wand that works like magic to dry Ba Ba’s quickly. Also, a no-scratch bottle-brush – much different than the harsh, wire gizmo I used, which almost always rusted out. And my personal favorite – a fast dry bottle rack. It actually has a little fan that dries in minutes! For me, that translates into hours I’ll never get back.

So I guess between then and now, it seems mommies have been heard – and so were born a great lineup of products designed to streamline the bottle assembly line. And while they may be a little late for me – luckily they’re brand NEW for you. Which makes me happy, and just wee bit jealous at the same time.

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