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Becoming a Sippy Pro

By Nancy Cozine
Becoming a Sippy Pro

Delaney loves to try to do everything her big brother does. When she started trying to steal his sippy cup, I figured it was time to begin transitioning her to her own cup. So off I went to the store to pick out cups.

It still amazes me how many choices there are – a complete wall of sippy cups. Thankfully I’ve been through this before and know exactly what I’m looking for in a first sippy cup. I guess there are some really good advantages to being a second (or third or fourth) child – your mom is now experienced!

I ignored all the other cups that were screaming for attention and went straight for the NUK® Learner Cups. It’s great because it had a soft spout like a bottle that is gentle on gums and had two handles that were easy for Delaney to hold. She immediately picked out the Dots design and – her favorite – Disney® Winnie the Pooh. She loves being a “big girl” and drinking from a sippy cup like Jack. Little does she know that she’s really working on learning an important skill – and doing it in fun style.