HEPA-Type Air Purifier

The NUK® HEPA-Type Air Purifier removes 99% of airborne particles (allergens, dust mites, pollen, & pet dander) to create a healthy nursery environment all day and all night.

  • Permanent HEPA-type filter that’s easy to clean
  • Emits a comforting white noise
  • Soothing amber nightlight is better for sleep than blue or white nightlights, which suppress production of the sleep hormone melatonin
  • Optional Ionizer makes capturing dust and pollen easier
  • Child-Resistant Plug Lock catches and holds the plug so child can’t easily tug it out of outlet
  • 3 year warranty
  • For more information, see the product manual
HEPA-Type Air Purifier Diagram
HEPA-Type Air Purifier Amber Light
HEPA-Type Air Purifier Key Features

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