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When the Pacifier Falls on the Ground

By NUK Moms
When the Pacifier Falls on the Ground

One minute your little one is sucking happily on a NUK® pacifier. The next, it’s on the floor for the 10th time this morning. Whether your baby throws or spits out his pacifier — or you suspect some other sort of conspiracy theory is responsible, constantly picking it up off the ground is a common issue for almost all moms.

There are many different ways to react. So, just what do most moms do when the inevitable happens? According to the NUK® What Would Mom Do survey, 40% moms say they simply grab another NUK® pacifier. Makes sense since you have a gazillion of them stashed everywhere. You really can never have too many pacifiers.

However you handle the pacifier-fell-on-the-ground-again issue, here’s a tip if you want the upper-hand: try the NUK® 3-in-1 pacifier clip. It attaches to both puller and button-style pacifiers and clips right to baby’s clothes. A win for Mom! (It’s the tiny victories that we celebrate the most.)