5 Beauty Tricks That Make All the Difference

By Valerie Latona
5 Beauty Tricks That Make All the Difference

When I was the editor in chief of Shape magazine, I spent quite a bit of time every work morning primping. I blew out my hair and meticulously applied my makeup before heading to work. It took me at least an hour (often more) to get ready every day.

Now that I’m working from home—surrounded by three very needy children—I’m lucky if I have a minute to get “ready” before I’m being summoned by them to breastfeed (my baby) or fix breakfast and rush off to school (my 4- and 8-year-old). And to be perfectly frank, most times I don’t even think about how I look. Who’s got the time? I’m lucky if I’m not still in my pjs! But the other morning, I stopped by the opticians to get my glasses tightened. And I glanced at myself in one of the many mirrors in there. Needless to say, I was horrified. Dark circles under my eyes, bed hair, pale skin…

THIS was what I had become, I thought. No more!

I created some simple rules, below, for myself when it comes to everyday beauty. Just because you’re not heading into an office every day does not mean you have to let yourself go, I told myself. And this holds true for all moms!

1) Simple hair is elegant hair. You do not have to blow out your hair every morning to look polished. Now, I brush my hair and pull it back into a low ponytail with a simple black elastic. (They also make hair elastics in your hair color, so these are a good option, too.)

2) Tinted moisturizer goes a long way. You don’t have to swipe on foundation to give your skin an even-toned look. Just wash, and apply a tinted moisturizer all over. It gives you a healthy glow—and evens out skin tone. Use it every day; it takes just seconds to apply.

3) Eye cover-up makes you look younger. Just apply three tiny dots under each eye, gently smooth with your ring finger to blend, and voila!…no more looking like you’ve been up all night with your baby (as I have!). I also mix my cover-up with a tiny bit of eye moisturizer so it blends smoothly.

4) Shaped brows frame your face. I like to treat myself to a brow shaping with a professional every other month; this creates the shape of your brows, which accentuates every single feature on your face. Then, each morning, gently trace a brow pencil (in a color that matches your brows…not lighter, not darker) along your brow line to give it a bit of definition. This takes about a minute to do, but trust me, makes a huge difference.

5) Mascara is a must. Mascara opens your eyes so you don’t look so sleepy, and you just look more polished. Since my brows are thin and short, I always quickly curl my lashes with a lash curler before applying mascara.

I timed myself doing each of these steps, and it took me only 6 minutes to do all together. Since doing this, I feel better about myself. That’s the difference a little makeup can make!

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