Announcing Your Baby’s Gender

By NUK Moms
Announcing Your Baby’s Gender

Right around the half-way mark of your pregnancy, you’ll hear at your doctor or ultrasound appointment, “Do you want to know what you’re having?” What an exciting moment in your nine month journey to meet your new bundle of joy!

Whether it’s confirming what your mommy-to-be instincts already told you, or the result of the old hang a ring above your belly myth, how will you announce the exciting news to your family and friends?

Here’s what other moms did after finding out they were having a boy or a girl:

  • 19% had a gender reveal party. Some expectant parents have a bakery create a cake with blue or pink inside. While others, use colored balloons or other crafty ways to make the big announcement into a celebration.
  • 21% wanted it to be a surprise and didn’t find out at all. These moms and dads decided to paint the nursery a neutral color and made it part of the excitement on the day they gave birth.
  • 17% only told their families. While they wanted to share their exciting news with close family and friends, they made everyone else wait out hearing the news until he or she arrived.
  • 41% turned to social media to get the word out. From funny Facebook posts to cute and quirky Instagram pictures, they announced their blue or pink status to anyone listening.

The choice to reveal the gender of your baby is a personal one. And whether you’re having a boy, a girl or one of each, NUK® has everything you need to give your baby the best possible start.