Breast or bottle. Why get sucked in?

By Grace Witte
Breast or bottle. Why get sucked in?

As you know the debate over breast or bottle – or both for that matter, is a sensitive one. Among my mommy friends, I have seen it break up the best of besties. So here is my question…mommies can we agree to disagree?

I bring this up because of an experience I had after the birth of my first son. Now mind you, 20 hours of labor and a husband who watched the Mets game for most of it, is bound to make a new mommy a very cranky girl.

That aside, when the nurses handed me my little bundle of colic, they put him right to the breast – already making the assumption that I had decided to breastfeed. Now while I had fully intended on trying it, I wasn’t entirely sold on the idea and was completely open to bottle-feeding.

Nonetheless, I found it odd and of course, it got me thinking. How would a mom, who had decided against breastfeeding, have felt in that situation? Like she was a bad mommy?

Now, I don’t mean to imply that those nurses were trying to bully me into breastfeeding, however it raises a point. Are we mommies, allowing this debate to become too polarizing? Because in the end, I think we can agree that what we ALL want is for mommies to find the method that will help them bond best with their babies.

Coming together.

Fortunately, since I had my little guys, there is much more discussion between doctors and nurses about feeding plans. Wonderful! Also wonderful – products now available, which can make every new mom feel good about how she nurtures her baby. Which naturally brings me to one of my favorite NUK® products – the NUK® Perfect Fit™ Nipple – innovation at its best.

What? You don’t know about this? OK. Just think of everything you love about NUK® Orthodontic Pacifiers. Great for healthy oral development, and super comfy for baby. Now imagine a bottle that has all of the same benefits plus more. The more? It mimics the shape of mommy’s nipple during breastfeeding. Brilliant!

And best of all – it helps make every mommy’s feeding choice one she can feel good about.