Child Safety Harness

By NUK Moms
Child Safety Harness

You spend hours bent over holding little hands as your baby learns how to walk. And then it finally happens; your little one takes his first steps. Shortly there after, you begin to wish he wasn’t, because now he’s running – fast and away from you.

How do you keep your little bundle of energy from straying too far when you’re out and about? There are a few options when it comes to keeping your little one close, including one that produces strong opinions: child safety harnesses.

You’ve seen them. Sometimes they look like a cute backpack that have a strap inside that you can hold onto. Other ones are simpler with just the harness attaching to your little one. Would you use a safety harness with your little one?

We posed the question to other moms like you and here is how they feel:
40% of moms said their little runners take any chance to make a break for it and are all for using the harnesses to keep them in arms length.

24% of NUK® fans have thought about using a harness because they think it may help.

34% of answering moms prefer to use other ways to reign in their little runners.

However you decide to keep your little one from running too far ahead when you’re in large crowds, hang on and have fun!