Feeding Frenzy

By Nancy Cozine
Feeding Frenzy

When my son Jack came home from day care with a nasty stomach bug I decided to do some research on being germ-free. I know I can’t keep him or Delaney from picking up colds and whatever the “bug du jour” that’s going around the center, but I figured there must be more that I can do, even just at home.

I was shocked to discover I was guilty of some pretty easy ways to spread germs during meal time. And here I was thinking I was a pro at this parenting thing. Here two of my biggest mistakes:

Mistake #1: Spooning right out of the container.

Isn’t that what those convenient little jars and containers are for? Nope! If Jack ate the whole container it wasn’t a big deal. But when he first started eating baby food, one jar was enough for two separate meals. So, every time I put the spoon in his mouth and then back into the jar, I was “polluting” the portion he was going to get at another meal. I should have put half in a separate bowl and then throw out any leftovers.

Mistake #2: Cleaning the spoon

Rather than rinsing off the spoon between different foods, I would sometimes just “clean” it by “tasting” what was left of the spoon. I figured I gave birth to him, we already share so much. I was sharing way too much. It would have been better to wipe the spoon with a paper towel or, better yet, take two minutes and rinse it in the sink.

Something else to consider, while not necessarily a mistake, is putting a spoon down in between bites. All of this germ-talk got me thinking, I know my table is clean, but can I be sure of the restaurant or someone else’s table? Well, I found a great solution! The Gerber® Rest Easy Spoons have a cool built in “stand” that keeps the bowl part of the spoon from touching the table. So no matter where lunch or dinner is being served, I can safely put my spoon down. (Maybe they can start making adult sized Rest Easy™ Spoons that I can take with me wherever I go.)

I am much more conscious of what I’m doing during meal times. The good news is, although I can’t go back and correct what I did while feeding Jack, I have made some healthy changes now for Delaney.