Going on a Sleep Over

By Nancy Cozine
Going on a Sleep Over

Sometimes going away for a night or two can actually be more difficult to pack for than a long vacation. Since it’s a short trip, I never want to bring a lot of baggage and I tend to think “oh we’re just going to be away for the night- I won’t need that. And of course “that” is what I always end up needing. The good news for you is that my past mistakes are now your helpful packing tips.

1. Breast Pump. Even if you’re breastfeeding exclusively, it’s a good idea to bring your breast pump with you. You may decide to have a glass of wine (or three) and you may need to pump. If you decide to pump so you’ll have breast milk available to give bottles, then don’t forget to bring along your Seal ‘n Go® Bags.

2. A few bottles. If you’re not breastfeeding, or even if you are and may need or want to bottle feed, bring more than one bottle. I like to get a few ready so I can just grab them as quickly as I can and reduce any unnecessary long crying fits – especially in the middle of the night.

3. Pacifiers. Bring plenty. You know how these pesky little things seem to disappear. Stick some in your overnight bag, a few in your diaper bag, and even a few in the car and stroller. Then you’ll always have one near.

4. Favorite blanket or stuffed animal. Sleeping in an unfamiliar environment can be hard for little ones. Come to think of it, I often have trouble sleeping in a bed that’s not mine. Making sure a favorite blanket or stuffed animal is there can help ease any anxiety. Important tip: Double check it’s with you when you get into the car. My husband once had to drive back home an hour to get Jack’s favorite “buddy” we thought was in the car already.

5. Toothbrush. Don’t let your established oral care routine slack just because you’re away from home for a night or two. Pack the kids’ training toothbrushes, tooth and gum cleanser as soon as you grab your own.

6. Hostess gift. If you’re staying at someone’s home, don’t forget a thank you gift. After all, your little ones can make a big mess in a short amount of time and they certainly aren’t quite!

Get packing – and have a great time. What are your baby must-haves that come with you even just for an overnight?