It’s Solids Time. Do You Have Your Gear?

By Nancy Cozine
It’s Solids Time. Do You Have Your Gear?

The transition to solid foods is an exciting time. I’ve heard many moms say that their little ones start to sleep better when they start solids. I think it’s true. A full belly means no need to wake for a nighttime feeding.

Of course a new milestone to conquer means new gear to help you get it done. If you’re just starting to feed your baby solids, that means making more choices from that huge, overwhelming wall at the baby store. Having experimented with lots of different stuff when Jack was starting solids, I had a better handle on what works the best when it was Delaney’s time to start.

The good news is you don’t really need a lot when your little one is starting cereal – even the move to fruits and vegetables doesn’t require too much equipment. In fact, besides the food itself, whether it is ready-to-eat or homemade I think you can get away with just three things!

Using your “good China” soup bowl to make cereal or portion out a serving of applesauce probably isn’t the best idea. A smaller, easy to hold bowl is a much better idea. Plastic (BPA-free of course) is your best bet against breaking, especially if you have an active little one who may grab at it and tip it over or get so excited over those mashed peas that he knocks it out of your hands. I like the Gerber® Bunch-a-Bowls®. They stack for more organized storage (unlike my sippy cup drawer that was out of control, my other drawers are very neat and orderly) and they have both solid storage lids and a vented microwave lid. Plus, they’re shaped and sized perfectly to hold in my hand, making feeding a breeze.

That adorable little mouth just isn’t big enough for an everyday teaspoon, not to mention that would be pretty hard on those tender gums, so a small spoon with a soft tip is essential. Gerber® Graduates® Soft Bite Infant Spoons are a classic choice that has stood the test of time. (I saw a few in my sister-in-law’s drawer the other day – her “baby” is 15 years old.) The newest translation of the soft tipped spoon is Gerber® Graduates® Rest Easy™ Spoons. It’s pretty cool. It features a long handle that perfectly fits the adult size hand holding it and makes it easy to get to the bottom of jars. Plus, my favorite part is the built in rest, which keeps the spoon from touching the table – and keeps the germs from touching the spoon. I also like that the bowl of the spoon is longer and more rectangular in shape – like a spatula. So catching that run away food is quick and easy.

Speaking of catching run away food, the last essential for feeding solids is a bib! That fantastic invention that protects clothes and offers a towel for clean up at the ready so close to the source of the mess. I’m sure you received at least a hundred at your baby shower and probably thought you would never need so many. Well guess what, you do. Once you move to cereal, mashed bananas and mushed up peas that may or may not stay in her mouth, you’re sure to use them all!

Oh and be sure to keep a camera nearby. Food smeared faces make great pictures!