P is for Paci

By Rose Hodgson
P is for Paci

Let’s talk pacifiers for a bit.

I used to have a love/hate relationship with the pacifier. As a soon-to-be mom, I was taught (via I have no clue) not to give my newborn a pacifier because it would cause a hindrance to our newly established breastfeeding pattern. That lasted a whole zero days.

As a new mom, I began to love the pacifier because my infant daughter had a strong sucking reflex and it calmed her in ways that I could not.

As a mom of a toddler, I began to dislike said pacifier because I felt insecure and shamed to give my daughter the pacifier when other people said that she was too old.

And now as a mom of two kiddos, I’m back on #teampacifier. #NUK

The first go-around, we just used the pacifier that came home with us from the hospital. You know the one. The blue/green one with the open back that you can see you baby’s mouth when they suck? We had the darndest time keeping it in Violet’s mouth because of its straight nipple. That’s when we started to look for alternatives and came across the NUK® Orthodontic Pacifier. We used them with Violet and now again with Theo.

NUK® recently came out with a new improved for 2015 pacifier that helps to calm and soothe babies. Theo has a strong sucking reflex and I like that it’s shape fits the contours of his mouth.

And for Violet, I like that it is shaped to promote the natural development of the teeth and jaw. She’s two and still loves her paci to help sooth her at bedtime. The NUK® Orthodontic Pacifier has low jaw pressure and and less palate pressure for her toddler/teething mouth.

And NUK® has pretty cute designs for both baby boys and girls. We like the ones with the little handles during the day because Theo likes to practice popping them in and out of his mouth and they are easy for his little hands to grasp. For sleep time, we like Mr. Dinosaur (Violet’s words) and its handle-free design so Theo can’t pull it out of his mouth.

And the best part???

G L O W – I N – T H E – D A R K pacifiers.

No joke. There were several months when Violet was at that stage, during the wee hours of the night where she would lose it in her crib or drop it on the floor and we were on all hands and knees hunting around.. Or using our phone flash light to search for it. Many a times we thought about adding glow-in-the-dark stickers to them for easier searching at night.

Mother tested. Theo approved.

One more thing. I’m past the insecurities and mom shaming regarding my toddler still using a pacifier. We are working on weaning her off of it and she only wants it for sleep now. I know she won’t be taking it to kindergarten with her so I’m not worried!

Thanks NUK® for providing us with free product for this review. All opinions are completely mine and all smiles are completely Theo’s.

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