Take Me Out to the Ball Game … or Playground or Party

By Nancy Cozine
Take Me Out to the Ball Game … or Playground or Party

One of the best things about summer is that there is so much to do on any given day: family parties, parks and playgrounds and an endless list of events like fairs, baseball games and concerts. And while some of these are certainly not appropriate to bring your little ones with you – think crying baby at your favorite band’s concert – there are plenty of events you can enjoy as a family.

There are several minor league baseball teams close to us and they are great for young families. The stadiums are small, manageable, and affordable. Armed with a well stocked diaper bag – bottles and matching pacifiers, baby food, toys, you know the drill – it’s easy to enjoy an afternoon or evening at the ballpark.

I am fortunate to have a large extended family, which means every few weeks there is a family get together. In the summer, backyard parties are constantly popping up. Besides the essentials, I make sure I have some blankets and a portable play yard for quick naps. And for mommy and daddy, family events mean lots of aunts, uncles and grandmas and grandpas who are happy to hold or feed the baby – some much needed time with my hands free!

And of course a summertime favorite, especially for the older ones, is the playground. With all the running around and playing, staying hydrated is important. I really like bringing along the NUK® Active Cups. I can slip it onto my belt or even the strap of the diaper bag to keep track of it and off the ground. And since accidents are bound to happen, I keep a small first aid kit in my bag, too.

While it’s fun to be outdoors as much as possible, being careful in the sun during any of these activities is the most important thing to remember. Tiny babies should always be covered from the sun and older little ones should wear plenty of sunscreen. If you’re not sure if your baby is old enough to start using sunscreen talk to your pediatrician.

Get out and enjoy the warm weather as much as possible! Before you know it will be cold and – dare I say – snowy!