Teething Tamers

By NUK Moms
Teething Tamers

Did you ever wonder why, when your baby’s tooth finally appears, it’s said to have “erupted”? Ask any parent of a teething baby, and they’ll tell you why. From the moment those tiny little teeth start to try to push through, until it finally peeks into that adorable smile, it can be an emotional rollercoaster – for everyone.

Every teething baby is different, and while some seem to cry more than others and some drool non-stop when others don’t, one thing is the same for all parents: they want to soothe their baby as quickly as possible. Here’s how other NUK® moms say they tackle teething:

24.2% of moms turn to pain and fever reducing medicine, after consulting their pediatrician, to relieve their babies’ symptoms.

26.2% offer a teether like the NUK® Disney® Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse teethers to comfort and stimulate gums.

20.7% find giving cold, soft food like applesauce or yogurt naturally soothe sore gums.

28.7% simply find giving extra snuggle time with lots of hugs and kisses does the trick when teething time comes.

Whatever remedies you choose for your teething little one remember, this tooth shall pass.