Tips to Make ‘Em Stick

By Nancy Cozine
Tips to Make ‘Em Stick

As I was reading posts on the NUK® Facebook page the other day, I noticed there were several other Moms having difficulty with the suction cups on the bottom of the No Mess Saucers. I’ve had the same problem with suction cups. So, I decided to make it my duty to figure out how to solve this problem for all of us.

I love the saucers and the Lil’ Trainer Tableware® Set, which also has the suction bottom, because of all the great features. The slightly curved rim on top of the plates that helps scoop food onto forks and spoons…the cool handles around the saucers that are not only great for holding but also big enough to help catch run away food. But I have to admit, the suction cup did disappointment me at first. I Googled “how to make suction cups stick” to see what advice there was to help. I discovered this is a universal problem with all suction cup products. Luckily that means there were plenty of tips. Here are the best ones I found:

1. Prepare the surface before you attach the suction base. Wipe down your table or highchair tray and let it dry. Also wipe the suction cup to remove any dirt or dust since they prohibit a vacuum seal to form.

2. Moisten the suction cup part with a little water. If you have suction cup bath toys you probably noticed they stick to the bathtub better if they’re wet. Just wet a finger and rub it gently around the suction base. Then, press down and slowly take your hand off. I read that this helps the suction to create the right balance of pressure and force needed to stick.

This worked for me. I have a glass dining room table, and it stayed down for an entire lunch. I haven’t tried it on any other types of tables or highchair trays though, so let me know if it works on other surfaces, too.

3. Temperature can affect the suction power. A change in temperature may cause the suction to lose its grip. If serving foods that have been warmed up, put them on the plate before placing it at the table, or even before warming up. Gerber® Graduate® plates and saucers are microwave safe. You can even try briskly rubbing your hand on the table or tray to create a little friction, which will slightly raise the temperature before putting a plate with warmed food down.

I hope these tips make it easier to use the plates and saucers. If you have any other tips to make ‘em stick, let us know on Facebook.