Sippy Cups for 6 Month Olds

Start baby with a Soft Spout Learner Cup at about 6 months old. Baby can start using a sippy cup like this when they are learning to sit supported or unsupported and are starting to reach for objects.

Sippy Cups for 9 Month Olds

You can transition baby to a Hard Spout Sippy Cup at about 9 months old. Babies are ready to switch to this sippy cup when they can easily grasp objects with two hands. They may be crawling and teething as well.

Sippy Cups for 1 Year Olds

Your one-year-old may be ready to try a Straw Cup or 360 Cup. These types of sippy cups are for babies who are starting to walk and have mastered drinking from a Learner Cup.

The Right Cups for Baby

Designed with Function (and Fun!) in Mind

Play Peek-a-boo!

NUK Hide 'n Seek Cups make drinking fun, with color-changing designs that reveal hidden characters as your child drinks.

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